The Little Hoof Ranch is located in beautiful Douglas, Wyoming. Nestled at the foot of the Laramie Mountains with the North Platte River running right through our community, Douglas is an ideal home for our livestock. We raise only the highest quality Chondro and PHA free American Dexter Cattle. You’ll also find American Miniature Horses on The Little Hoof Ranch to complete our family. Our localized Ranch allows us to give the highest level of attention to our livestock. Our family has been raising American Dexter Cattle for over a decade, and our American Miniature Horses have been in the family for 17 years. Give us a call anytime, we enjoy talking about our Dexters.



American Dexter Cattle

Dexters are classified as a small, friendly, dual-purpose breed; used for milk and beef. However they are often listed as a triple-purpose breed, since they are also used as oxen. Management practices vary by breeder and by country. Their versatility is one of their greatest assets, and probably has something to do with the number of countries Dexter cattle are found, including North America, South Africa, Australia, and much of Europe.


American Miniature Horses

Miniature horses are found in many nations, particularly in Europe and the Americas. The designation of miniature horse is determined by the height of the animal, which, depending on the particular breed registry involved, is usually less than 34–38 inches as measured at the last hairs of the mane, which are found at the withers. While miniature horses are the size of a very small pony, many retain horse characteristics and are considered “horses” by their respective registries. They have various colors and coat patterns.

Don and Becky Swisher