Our American Dexter Calves are raised right at the base of the Laramie Mountain Range in Douglas, Wyoming. Here you will find all of our current American Dexter Calves.

All of our Calves are Chondro and PHA Free, Red and Polled. Some are A2A2, A2N, Homozygous and Heterozygous.

LHR Ashley  02/28/17 Red Polled Heifer A2N Red carries Dun Heterozygous











LHR Bridger  02/27/17  Red Polled Bull Calf   A2N Red does not carry Dun  Homozygous

















LHR Leo 03/17/17 Red Bull Calf A2A2 Red Heterozygous










LHR AUTUMN 05/18/2015 Red polled Heifer A2n














LHR Lewey 04/26/2015 Black dehorned bull calf A2A2