2014 was the first year we showed our cattle. We were very happy to have won the 2014 Premier Breeders Award AOB and the 2015 Premier Dexter Exhibitor’s Award/Buckle at the Wyoming State Fair.


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Champion Heifer Calf: LHR Polly

Champion Senior Female: LHR Amy

Reserve Grand Champion Female: LHR Polly

Grand Champion Female: LHR Amy

Champion Bull Calf: LHR Peyton   

Reserve Champion Senior Bull:  LHR Lil Red

Cow/Calf Pair: 1st: K-Heart’s RW Garnet/LHR Peyton     2nd: K Heart Annie/LHR Polly

Get of Sire:  LHR Amy, LHR Lil Red and LHR Polly

Breeders Herd: CJ’s Archie, LHR Amy, LHR Peyton, LHR Polly                                                                            

Produce of Dam: LHR Lil Red and LHR Peyton 

Premier Breeders Award AOB



We took 4 to this show: LHR Lil Red, LHR Peyton, LHR Amy and K-Heart’s R.W. Garnet

 Jr. Bull Calf:  2nd: LHR Peyton

Spring Yearling Heifer:  10th: LHR Amy

 Inter. Cow: 1st:  K-Heart’s R.W. Garnet

Reserve Champion Cow:   K-Heart’s R.W. Garnet

Yearling Bull  3rd:     LHR Lil Red

PR Bulls-Any:   2nd:    LHR Peyton and LHR Lil Red

Get of Sire:   2nd:     LHR Lil Red/LHR Amy/LHR Peyton

Breeders Class: 3rd    LHR Amy/LHR Lil Red/LHR Peyton





We took LHR Lil Red and LHR Amy to this show.

Reserve Grand Champion Yearling Bull: LHR Lil Red

Late Yearling Heifer:  5th:  LHR Amy


2015 Wyoming State Fair Awards2015 Premier Dexter Breeders Buckle









Female calved on or after 03/01/15  2nd: LHR Gracey  3rd: LHR April  4th: LHR Autumn

Yearling Heifers:    3rd: LHR Polly   5th:  LHR Sally

Young Cows: 2nd: LHR Amy

Cow/Calf Pairs:    1st: K Heart’s RW Garnet/LHR Gracey    7th: K Heart Annie/LHR Autumn

8th: LHR Amy/LHR April

Mature Cows: 1st:  K Heart’s RW Garnet    2nd: K Heart RW Cookie

Champion Mature Female: K Heart’s RW Garnet 

Reserve Champion Mature Female: K Heart RW Cookie

Reserve Champion Female: K Heart’s RW Garnet

Reserve Champion Yearling Bull Calf: LHR Eli

Champion Mature Bull: CJ’s Archie   

Grand Champion Bull: CJ’s Archie

Produce of Dam: 1st:  LHR Amy and LHR Polly

Get of Sire:  3rd: LHR Eli, LHR Amy, LHR Polly

Breeder’s Herd: 1st CJ’s Archie, K Heart Cookie, LHR Amy, LHR Polly

Premier Dexter Exhibitor’s Award/Buckle


Late Heifer Calves:  5th: LHR April  6th: LHR Gracey

Late Yearling Heifer:  4th: LHR Polly

Mature Cows:  3rd: K Heart’s RW Garnet  4th: K Heart Cookie

Cow/Calf Pairs:  6th: K Heart’s Garnet  7th: LHR Amy

Get of Sire: 3rd  LHR Gracey, LHR Amy, LHR Polly


                                                                         2017 Utah State Fair

Winter Heifer Calf   3rd   LHR Ashley

Winter Yearling Heifer  1st Place  Moosters Peaches ‘n Cream

Champion Heifer Calf  Moosters Peaches ‘n Cream

Senior Cow 1st Place  K Heart RW Cookie  

Champion Cow  K Heart RW Cookie

Grand Champion Overall Dexter Female  K Heart RW Cookie

Int. Bull Calf  4th place LHR Bridger and 7th LHR Leo

Cow/Calf Pair  2nd Place K Heart RW Cookie and LHR Leo

Pr Bulls  3rd place LHR Bridger and LHR Leo

Pr Calves-both Sexes  1st place LHR Bridger and LHR Ashley


                                                                             2017 Wyoming State Fair

Female calf on or before March 1st place    LHR Gabrial and Reserve Champion Heifer Calf

Female calf March 16-Aug 16  6th  place K Heart Clara  8th  place K Heart Abigail  9th place K Heart Betsy

Female calf Sept 1st 2015 -Feb 28th 2016  1st place Moosters Peaches ‘n Cream and Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer

Young cow Jan 1st – Aug 31, 2015  1st place K Heart RW Bunny  and 2nd place LHR Gracey

Mature cow before Jan 1st 2015   4th place K Heart RW Cookie

Cow calf pair 3rd place K Heart RW Bunny and LHR Bridger  5th place LHR Gracey and LHR Leo

Late bull calf  born On or After March 1st  2017  3rd place LHR Leo

Early bull calf Sept 1st 2016 – Feb 29th 2017  1st place LHR Bridger & also, Reserve Champion Bull Calf

Late yearling bull calf   2nd place  K Heart Mr. Strait and he also won Reserve Champion Yearling Bull

Product of dam  3rd place

Get of sire  2nd place