2014 was the first year we showed our cattle. We were very happy to have won the 2014 Premier Breeders Award AOB and the 2015 Premier Dexter Exhibitor’s Award/Buckle at the Wyoming State Fair.


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Champion Heifer Calf: LHR Polly

Champion Senior Female: LHR Amy

Reserve Grand Champion Female: LHR Polly

Grand Champion Female: LHR Amy

Champion Bull Calf: LHR Peyton   

Reserve Champion Senior Bull:  LHR Lil Red

Cow/Calf Pair: 1st: K-Heart’s RW Garnet/LHR Peyton     2nd: K Heart Annie/LHR Polly

Get of Sire:  LHR Amy, LHR Lil Red and LHR Polly

Breeders Herd: CJ’s Archie, LHR Amy, LHR Peyton, LHR Polly                                                                            

Produce of Dam: LHR Lil Red and LHR Peyton 

Premier Breeders Award AOB



We took 4 to this show: LHR Lil Red, LHR Peyton, LHR Amy and K-Heart’s R.W. Garnet

 Jr. Bull Calf:  2nd: LHR Peyton

Spring Yearling Heifer:  10th: LHR Amy

 Inter. Cow: 1st:  K-Heart’s R.W. Garnet

Reserve Champion Cow:   K-Heart’s R.W. Garnet

Yearling Bull  3rd:     LHR Lil Red

PR Bulls-Any:   2nd:    LHR Peyton and LHR Lil Red

Get of Sire:   2nd:     LHR Lil Red/LHR Amy/LHR Peyton

Breeders Class: 3rd    LHR Amy/LHR Lil Red/LHR Peyton



We took LHR Lil Red and LHR Amy to this show.

Reserve Grand Champion Yearling Bull: LHR Lil Red

Late Yearling Heifer:  5th:  LHR Amy


2015 Wyoming State Fair Awards2015 Premier Dexter Breeders Buckle








Female calved on or after 03/01/15  2nd: LHR Gracey  3rd: LHR April  4th: LHR Autumn

Yearling Heifers:    3rd: LHR Polly   5th:  LHR Sally

Young Cows: 2nd: LHR Amy

Cow/Calf Pairs:    1st: K Heart’s RW Garnet/LHR Gracey    7th: K Heart Annie/LHR Autumn

8th: LHR Amy/LHR April

Mature Cows: 1st:  K Heart’s RW Garnet    2nd: K Heart RW Cookie

Champion Mature Female: K Heart’s RW Garnet 

Reserve Champion Mature Female: K Heart RW Cookie

Reserve Champion Female: K Heart’s RW Garnet

Reserve Champion Yearling Bull Calf: LHR Eli

Champion Mature Bull: CJ’s Archie   

Grand Champion Bull: CJ’s Archie

Produce of Dam: 1st:  LHR Amy and LHR Polly

Get of Sire:  3rd: LHR Eli, LHR Amy, LHR Polly

Breeder’s Herd: 1st CJ’s Archie, K Heart Cookie, LHR Amy, LHR Polly

Premier Dexter Exhibitor’s Award/Buckle


Late Heifer Calves:  5th: LHR April  6th: LHR Gracey

Late Yearling Heifer:  4th: LHR Polly

Mature Cows:  3rd: K Heart’s RW Garnet  4th: K Heart Cookie

Cow/Calf Pairs:  6th: K Heart’s Garnet  7th: LHR Amy

Get of Sire: 3rd  LHR Gracey, LHR Amy, LHR Polly